Commercial (business) law

Every business has core legal documents, which are used every day. Some examples of the work we do for our clients include the following core legal documents:


  • Franchise Agreements for Franchisors
  • Agreements with customers
  • Terms and conditions of service
  • Terms and conditions of sale (online businesses and ecommerce)
  • Disclaimers, warranties, guarantees
  • Privacy policies
  • Policies that govern your customer’s use of your services
  • Employment agreements
  • Contractor agreements
  • Sub-contracting agreement
  • Assignments and licenses of intellectual property


The lifecycle of each business has a few key milestones, and include starting a business, buying a business, growing a business, taking on investment or bank finance, franchising a business, and selling a business.  We can provide a range of services at each of these milestones, including:


  • Providing advice in advance to answer key questions about issues associated with the milestone
  • Assisting with transactions, and transaction documents associated with the milestone
  • Conducting (or assisting other experts to conduct) audits or due diligence and reviews to quantify and qualify the value, risks and other factors relating to the milestone

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Get an NDA within 48 hours with our QuickDoc* Service.

Get a Contractor Agmt within 48 hours with our QuickDoc* Service.

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